May 2017: Arcflux was presented with a poster at EGU 2017.

December 2017: Ice velocities provided by Enveo (Check Results).


ArcFlux is an ESA project that is part of the Arctic+ STSE program. The main objectives are listed below.

Main Objectives

The Arctic Ocean is sensitive to freshwater fluxes in terms of ocean stratification, circulations and the nutrient balance. The main input to the freshwater budget is river discharge, ice and snow discharge, net precipitation, and inflow of low-salinity water through Bering Strait The main objective of Arcflux is to determine the freshwater budget of the Arctic Ocean, by maximizing the use of EO data in the determination of the individual freshwater fluxes . To solve this task we focus on those freshwater fluxes where Earth observation data together with in-situ data is expected to improve the final estimation of the Arctic Ocean freshwater budget. These are;

Furthermore, we anticipate that a main advance will be the improved capability to monitor and
quantify the seasonal variability in these FWF.